Shores Unknown

by Android Lust



24 bit HD audio

All songs written by Shikhee
Tracks 1 and 2 written for survival horror game Agony
Track 4 remixed y Eric Beam
Track 5 remixed y I, Parasite


released August 24, 2018

Mixed by Christopher Jon/Dark Vision Media
Track 4 mixed by Eric Beam
Mastered by Gregg Janman at Hermetech Mastering
Art by Samuel Pfannkuche


all rights reserved


Track Name: Shores Unknown
Ancient waters flowing
I have waited a thousand years
Cold wind is blowing
You are come to me now

Forgotten glory
I am the answer to your prayers
Do you remember our story
A love that lasts between the worlds

Ancient rivers flowing
Take our souls to shores unknown
In forever agony
You are mine, a king of my own

Pray to me for mercy
I’ll forgive lover of mine
From Babylon on Euphrates
You are home this is your shrine
Track Name: Born to Rule
Ancient fires burning
In secret and silence
Buried underneath are
Those who rose in defiance

Don’t think me unkind
Don’t think me cruel
This is who I am
I was born to rule

Ancient waters flowing
An ocean of time
Caught between the worlds
My love sublime

You are the one
The one I choose
In fire and blood
You can never refuse